Nursery Glider Buying Guide

Nursery Glider Buying Guide – How to Choose The Best Glider?

How to Choose The Best Glider and Ottoman

Nursery gliders have been part of baby essentials because babies find the back and forth motion soothing and sleep inducing. That is why many manufacturers have come up with different models and features of nursery gliders.

Some have side pockets and others come with an ottoman. This article features the best glider and ottoman, how to find them and more.

The best glider and ottoman today

Nursery gliders today are usually paired with ottomans. They are the best pair that provide comfort for parents and baby. There are a wide variety of this pair today but are all of them worth it?

To help you choose the best glider and ottoman combination, here are some of the highest rated, best sellers today:

Graco Parker Semi- Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

Comfort and style in a pair of glider and ottoman come in this Graco Parker Semi- Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman. It is made of high quality rubber, wood and composites and microfiber cushions that are easy to clean. It glides smoothly which will help your baby fall asleep.

The nursing stool can be folded under the ottoman so it can be used as a storage which really adds versatility. The seat and back cushions are made of ultra-plush microfiber. It is soft and made for comfort. It is spot cleanable too so it can be maintained clean and fresh all year long.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set

One of the most cost effective, most affordable glider and ottoman set is the Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set. It is made with metal enclosed ball bearings that glide smoothly.

The back and seat are all padded and spot cleanable and hand wash only. It has padded arms, wide seating capacity and a pocket where you can keep your stuff.

The Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set provides maximum comfort and versatility. Plus, it adds style to any interior and can easily match with any other furniture and décor.

Windsor Glider and Ottoman

This glider and ottoman set has a pretty gray chevron design that can add an accent to any room. Its seat is wide and comes with padded arms and pockets.

The chair cushions are removable so they can be easily spot cleaned. It is sturdy enough and can support large weights. It glides smoothly because of its enclosed metal bearings.

How to find the best glider and ottoman

Nursery gliders are used as a comfortable seat to nurse a baby – to feed, cuddle or bring baby to sleep. Today, gliders typically come with ottomans but not all of them promise the same quality.

Some are sturdy and have many features but they are very expensive. Some only have the basic features and are affordable, but are they sturdy enough?

When looking for the best glider and ottoman, some factors should be considered:


The first important criteria is sturdiness. You do not want to comfortably sit with your baby but eventually fall.

Choose the glider and ottoman that is made of high quality materials and is well constructed. This pair of furniture can be a part of the household for years if well taken care of and if you choose a sturdy model.


Gliders and ottomans should be comfortable enough that you, too, can fall sleep. It should have a padded wide seat, padded back seat, wide padded arm rest and glide smoothly. The ottoman should also be padded. All this contributes to comfort.

Easy to clean

Another important criteria is the ease of cleaning. The cushion seats should be removable so they can be easily spot cleaned whenever there’s dirt and other unwanted elements. This will make the pair clean and fresh all year long.


Well, another consideration is the cost. There are many glider and ottomans that are really expensive. But if you are wise and patient enough, you can find a lot of cheap choices. However, do not fall for just an affordable cost. Check other criteria to see if a pair meets them all.

A nursery glider and ottoman does not have to expensive. Nothing is a perfect product too. As long as it meets the criteria above, then it could be the best glider and ottoman that you can buy.