Nursery Gliders Under $100

Nursery Gliders Under $100 2019: Do They Exist?

Nursery Gliders Under $100

When expecting a baby it is easy to become excited by almost every baby product you see – from the very cute clothes to the adorable milk bottles to exciting toys. But are all of these things important and necessary?

As a mom and dad, you always want the best for your baby. One important thing that you should consider buying is a nursery glider. What is a nursery glider? Is it budget friendly? Do nursery gliders under $100 exist?

Nursery Gliders Under $100: Best Deals Today

Nursery gliders are made of quality materials and practical features. They are usually expensive. But here are some best nursery gliders under $100 that are available today:

SoBuy Rocking Chair

The SoBuy Rocking Chair can still be considered as a nursery glider because gliders are types of rocking chairs. It provides comfort because of its padded seat and reclined back seat. It has a modern design that can complement other furniture.

SoBuy Comfortable Relax Rocking Chair

Another from SoBuy, this nursery glider provides comfort from head to toe. It has a padded seat with adjustable foot rest and side pockets. It does not have a padded arm rest, though.

Factors to consider when buying nursery gliders

Looking for nursery glider under $100 could really be a challenge. If you want a real glider, your budget should be higher than $100. They usually cost $150 – $500 depending on the brand and materials used. The more features a baby glider has, the more expensive it is.

It is not wrong to look for more affordable nursery gliders. But make sure that you examine the important criteria in buying. What are these criteria?

  • Wide padded armrests

Your arms need more amount of support to hold your baby or else it can get very uncomfortable. Using a nursing pillow alone can be challenging too.

That is why it important to look for nursery gliders with wide padded armrests. They should be sturdy enough and can support your arms and baby’s weight.

  • Strong frame

Another thing is the strong frame which won’t easily break and can support maximum weight. It is also an investment and can be a lifetime furniture inside your home.

Examine the strength of the frame by checking for sharp edges, moving parts or gaps in the frame. These factors can affect the sturdiness of nursery gliders.

  • Comfort

The major reason why you need a nursery glider is comfort. Therefore, it should have a padded seat and provide support for the back and head.

It should also have enough room so you can move comfortably or change positions easily. The side pockets are also good considerations when buying. They provide ease of access and organize baby items.

  • Easy to clean

Spit ups and drool are normal during the first months of your baby’s life. A nursery glider should be easy to clean. Removable and washable covers are factors that make a nursery glider that’s easy to clean.

  • Matching Ottoman

Another thing that can add to the comfort of a nursery glider is a matching ottoman. It is a padded stool that serves as footrest. An Ottoman also moves with motion, same as the nursery glider.

Another important tip when buying a nursery glider is to check the overall product details and manufacturers’ support.

Some quality nursery gliders

The following are nursery gliders that are not as cheap as $100 but can be as sturdy and as comfortable as the most expensive brands:

Windsor Glider and Ottoman

This is a perfect pair that comes in gray and white colors. Its design can perfectly match many interiors and décor. But more than that, it provides overall comfort with padded arm rests, seats and side pockets.

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

By the looks of the Storks Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman, it is very comfortable and provides a generous seat and arm rests. It has sturdy construction too that supports many body weights.

The back and seat cushions are easy to clean. It costs a little over $100 and can be a good competitor among the more expensive brands.


Conclusion: Nursery Gliders Under $100

There are more quality nursery gliders that you can choose from. Keep in mind the above mentioned criteria so you can buy the nursery glider you need at a more affordable price.